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About Me

Katherine McLaughlin was born and raised in Southern California to parents John and Marta McLaughlin.  From a very young age, she learned to love story telling and expressive communication from her mother, the master of the art.  After countless living room performances and many reprimands to lower the volume of her speaking voice in the car, it was time to test the waters on the stage.  Her first performance opportunity was a church musical entitled “Go, Go Jonah!”  After getting involved with a local children's theatre, Katherine attended high school at the Academy for the Performing Arts and then received a BA in theatre from the University of California, Irvine.   

After college, Katherine moved to New York and has worked for various theatre companies across the country as well a stint on the high seas.  Not only is she currently furthering her thirst to grow as an artist at the Barrow Group, she also studies psychology, child development, and sociology. 


New York and the community she has found here have profoundly effected Katherine as a human and an artist and she looks forward to the growth that is to come in this crazy city.

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